"All Washed Up In Africa" is a video projection of archival footage of violence filmed in South Africa, along with a rotating washing line, burned sheets and a washing machine. In this exhibition I dealt with slavery and colonisation - of coming from South Africa with dirty washing which essentially originated from Europe.

The video is looped so that the images repeat every few seconds. Suspended from the washing line are sheets with holes burned in them. The images are pojected onto the sheets and as the washing line rotates new images appear.

This work deals with memory and repetition through images that are different and yet the same. In this way the past is deconstructed and reconstructed.

In the next room a working washing machine washes different coloured pieces of cloth with bleach. On the walls are scribbled the names of all the explorer's of the last centuries. As the washing machine extracts the colour out of the cloth, the water is then pumped into the river. This symbolises the mixturing of different colours, groups and origins of people. The excess pipe filled with the now grey water then flows past the rotating washing line on it's way to the sewerage. At the end of the overflow pipe a magnetic field is created with recycled paper.

This work is a metaphore for colonisation and cultural imperialism, both historical and recent, and in subtle ways talks about a process of understanding the past through forgiveness.


About "All Washed Up In Africa"

All Washed Up In Africa