This installation was made after the elections in South Africa and deals with transition. I used hard imagery and colour to depict old icons of nationalistism combined with flashing neon to create the illusion of the monuments blowing up as well as evoking hospital or police hazards. The idea of devastation conveyed by the monument images were juxtaposed with images of OMO washing powder boxes. These symbolise the act of cleansing and satirise the perception underpinning apartheid, that to be white was be clean and pure. This "clean" idea was used by the media to enforce the apartheid ideology

The work was calculated to challenge the accepted notion of cleanliness implicit to the white "Christian" middle class society by using/abusing images that sanctified a white minorty.

The implicit fetishism is explored through the use of fire, blood, and dualistic symbols in combination with the deconstructed/ exploding images.

"Peace Through Blood" was calculated to confront the white minority and to enduce catharsis. The work was exhibited in Pretoria the previous capital and enclave of the apartheid regime and evoked extreme reaction from the public thus, as intended, extending it into the public sphere.


About "Peace through Blood"

Peace through Blood