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 National Drawing Competition

National Arts Festival,
South Africa

The Star's headlines read: "Art Entry Rocks Grahamstown Festival". The story was the new South Africa's first contemporary art scandal"...
Monograph on the National Drawing Competition

Press clippings
'Less well-known artists save competition', Kendall Geers, September 18, 1990.
'Catching SA art with its pants down', Mail & Guardian, Ivor Powell, July 16, 1990.
'Art expert slams Barker's ethnic bias allegations', Star, Darryl Accone, July 4, 1990
'False entry makes waves at Grahamstown', Star, Darryl Accone and Kendal Geers, July 2, 1990.
'Drawings too slick, too competent', Mail & Guardian, Ivor Powell, 1990.

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