'niks is ooit swart of wit'
Beeld, April 24, 2003 on the exhibition "Black & White".

'Un ministre de la Culture, deux grognes'
March 15, 2003 on the exhibition "Gurus and Lovers".

'Gurus and Lovers, exposition mystique...'
January 10, 2003 on the exhibition "Gurus and Lovers".

'L'Afrique du Suid a l'honneur au CAC'
December 27, 2002 on the exhibition "Gurus and Lovers".

'Exposition transculturalle a Herouville'
December 21, 2002 on the exhibition "Gurus and Lovers".

'Barker ondersoek identitiet & tyd'
Plus, February 7, 2002 on the exhibition "Erratum".

'Onuttigge sjamaan'
Plus, August 1, 2002 on the exhibition "No Logo".

'Wayne Barker: An Artist's Monograph'
Beeld, October 9, 2000. Review of Wayne Barker: An Artist's Monograph.

''Anarchic flasher' finds the palace of wisdom'
Citizen, August 1, 2000. Review of Wayne Barker: An Artist's Monograph.

'Wayne Barker and Claire de Jong at the NSA Gallery'
June 20, 2000 on "Lost & Found".

'Wayne Barker? Barker, you say?'
World Online, June 9, 2000. Review of Wayne Barker: An Artist's Monograph.

'Two souls getting it on'
Mail & Guardian, June 9, 2000 on "Lost & Found".

'Triple treat at NSA Gallery'
June 20, 2000 on "Lost & Found".

'Looking together'
Mail & Guardian, June 20, 2000 on "Lost & Found".

'Art going as real estate'
Mail & Guardian, November 5, 1999; on artwork as investment.

'Art in small doses'
Mail & Guardian, October 29, 1999 on Seeing Ourselves.

'Ungeduld mit den Holtzskulpturen'
October 18, 1998.

'Beauty in Politics'
Mail & Guardian, October 16, 1998.

'Kunswerke oor self verkies vir Atilier'
May 28, 1998.

'The Fig is a place for the discerning art goer'
March 7, 1996.

'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Fig Again'
Mail & Guardian, January 19, 1996.

'Bilder aus der Kuchen-Festung'
January 1996 on "Nothing Gets Lost in the Universe".

'A fake interview or what we think they said'
Flash Art, 1996. Lorna Ferguson and Thomas Mulcaire on "Coke Adds Life".

'The man who sculpts with corpses'
Dana Snyman, September 8, 1995.

'Sacred cows and sitting ducks'
July 1995, Neville Dubow on "Scurvy"

'Wayne Barker spotlight kid'
Style, Andrew Donaldson, January 1, 1993 on "Three Bodies of Love".

'Barker's energy now focused'
Businessday, Anthea Bristowe, September 23, 1992 on "Three Bodies of Love".

'Fig's dilemma - how to sell art without 'selling out''
Hazel Friedman, December 7, 1990.

'Fig returns to its first home'
The Star, Darryl Accone, November 16, 1990.

'This is a Fig that deserves to grow'
Mail & Guardian, Ivor Powell, November 16, 1990.

'Less well-known artists save competition'
Kendall Geers, September 18, 1990 on the "National Drawing Competition".

'Klapperkop-belofte staan nog'
Marguerite Robinson, August 10, 1990.

''Artworks are cool, educated and sophisticated''
Muffin Stevens, July 25, 1990 on Klapperkop.

'Catching SA art with its pants down'
Mail & Guardian, Ivor Powell, July 16, 1990 on "The National Drawing Competition".

'Art expert slams Barker's ethnic bias allegations'
Star, Darryl Accone, July 4, 1990 on "The National Drawing Competition".

'False entry makes waves at Grahamstown'
Star, Darryl Accone and Kendal Geers, July 2, 1990 on "The National Drawing Competition"..

'Drawings too slick, too competent'
Mail & Guardian, Ivor Powell, 1990 on "The National Drawing Competition".

'The influence of Pop Art on local artists today'
Kendal Geers, January 23, 1990 on "Images on Metal".

'Ook 'n ander manier van Kuns'
Pieter Swanepoel, November 24, 1989 on the Fig.

'Avand garde art loses its gallery'
Kendall Geers, November 1, 1989 on the Fig.

'Van stedelike verval'
Lucia Burger, June 19, 1989 on "Images on Metal".

'Here is an artistic mirror which reflects SA life'
Star, Samantha James, June 16, 1989 on "Images on Metal".

Scrapping up art from the hidden nooks of Jo'burg'
Mail & Guardian, Darryl Accone, June 1989 on "Images on Metal".

'5-artist show that's not 'top Secret''
Ivor Powell, November 3, 1988 on the Fig.

'Klem gele op bestaansreg'
Elza Miles, November 1988 on "Images on Metal".

'Voorstedelike angs'
Beeld, Elza Miles, August 1988 on "Images on Metal".

'The anarchy and the ecstacy'
February 21, 1986 on Gallant House.

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